Screen Doors

The Sliding Screen Doors are made out of extruded aluminum. They come with all metal part and come with a enamel baked finish that does not chip or fade with time.  We measure and make them onsite.

Extruded Frame

The frame comes in a extruded form, which is much stronger than the regular roll form screen doors normally installed in track homes, It is flexible and light weight, yet strong and long lasting.

The Rollers

The rollers that come standard with the screen doors are the best rollers made. The are sealed steel ball bearing and fully adjustable for a better fitting and sliding screen door. The are maintenance free and will last and slide smooth for years.

The Handle

The handles that come standard with this screen door is all metal as well and helps to prevent the frame from buckling in the middle if someone dose walk into it. With the frame being flexible and a firm metal handle the frame will not bend and it makes the patio door a much firmer screen.

The Lock Latch

The lock latch is all heavy duty metal and works perfect every try for years. This is the best screen door latch on the market by far.

Frames Corners

Every sliding screen door frame is held together by corners inside the frame, and this screen door carries the strongest metal corners made. the have no plastic parts and will hold the frame square, no matter how much use it gets. They are just as good as all the other parts this patio screen comes with.

The Screen Mesh

The regular insect screen we use is the clearest available and is supper strong. The quality is a perfect match for these  sliding screen doors because of it’s strength. If you are interested in not blocking your view, this is the screen material you need.


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