Little white plastic corner window screen replacement

We specialize in little plastic corner replacement in the city of Thousand Oaks. When screens usually will last as long ass the screen frames don’t bend or disappear. Most window manufactures like Pella, Anderson and Millgard made screen then were not very sturdy, the frames were aluminum but the actual frame corners that hold them together were made out of plastic.

We all know that plastic does not last in the elements, with sun, rain, wind and debris they get bristle and crack. Here are some basic tips and information on how a screen frame should be built:

  • use metal square cut corner
  • use metal aluminum corners
  • never get plastic corners for window screen frames

How to remove broken and cracked white plastic corners
These are some tips on how to take out the old plastic corners and replace them with new ones

  1. take screen off window
  2. take screen mesh off frame
  3. use a hammer and flat head screw driver
  4. pull old corner off
  5. if the dont come out use hammer
  6. if corner is stuck inside frame use screw driver to push part into the frame
  7. insert new corner and hammer it in

We take care of all you screen need and if you windows are getting dirty or have not been cleaned in a while ask us about window cleaning and power window washing.  we would like to help you with all your window needs.

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